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It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

•We are TBAC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the art of music, dance and theater to the greater Los Angeles area. Serving the community since 2003, TBAC was founded under the firm conviction that arts and culture have the power to break down the invisible barriers that often keep our multicultural community from truly living in harmony. Our mission is to instill in our community a sense of pride, identity and unity.
•Through the resilient leadership of its founder and president, Blanca A. Soto, TBAC provides culturally sensitive programs and activities for low-income individuals of all ages and ethnicities.  We offer after-school and holiday programs that allow at-risk youth to better appreciate their heritage and to remain physically active during their leisure time.
•TBAC continually works to expand its services by supporting a variety of cultural events year-round. Our performers have showcased their talent in venues such as The Orpheum, The Montalban Theatre, The Downey Theatre, The New LATC and Los Angeles Theater.
•Our vision is to reach a greater, more diverse audience. While our focus is Latin American folk dance, we are committed to celebrating Los Angeles’ rich diversity by engaging with like-minded organizations in order to raise cultural awareness.

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