Prices and Booking Information:

For Private Performances (Wedding, Family Events, etc.)
Performance for private parties includes from a range of 8 to 16 dancers performing from the following dance regions. Each regional dance is about 12 – 15 minutes long.

Veracruz Lunajero
Arriba El Norte (Bailes de la Revolución Mexicana) Bailes de Baja California Sur (Los Calabaceados)
Mexican' Legends (La Llorona, La Maldicion de Malinche).
Christmas Musicals (Including Bailes Navideños mexicanos)
Bailes de Pachucos (cumbia & salsa)
Bailes de los 70’s
Huapango de Moncayo (from the Nationalism Movement in Mexico)
La Bikina & Noche a Noche (From México to Venezuela)
Theatrical Performance with Dance to Frida Kahlo. (10 minutes tribute)
Theatrical Performance in Honor to Cesar Chavez and the Labor Movement (10 minutes program)
Other regions from the company’s repertoire can also be selected, based on availability. Additional fees may apply.

• Any region from the above: $300
• any two regions from the above: $500

For corporate or Large-Scale Events:
Often, corporate clients enjoy longer performances that also include a cultural or historical description of the dances their audiences see. For such performances, Tierra Blanca  provides performances led by a presenter who, between numbers, describes the historical and cultural significance of each dance, such as details about the costumes, the cultures that produced the dance, and historical data about the region from which the dance originates. These types of performances are especially popular during Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage Month. Performance includes from a range of 16 to 24 dancers (upon space and availability) dancers performing from the following dance regions, and a presenter/MC.

• Any region from the above y/or a performance for 15 minutes: $ 400.00
• any two regions from the above y/or a performance for 30 minutes: $ 550.00

• 45-minute presentation (3 Regions from the above plus presenter) $ 750.00
• 90-minute presentation (6 Regions from the above plus presenter – divided in two ‘acts’) $1,250

Special Choreographies or Presentations
Tierra Blanca Dance Company can work with you to develop a specific choreography or presentation for your event. Such projects in the past have included a Cesar Chavez Celebration, Day-of-the-Dead event, and a Christmas-themed at the Pastorela “El Ermitaño” at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood ,Ca.

These special arrangements are subject to a different fee structure (to compensate for the time invested in producing your performance) and to availability of choreographers and dancers.  

For more information on possible Tierra Blanca productions, please contact us at (323) 394-1010.

We look forward to work with you


Since 1996 Tierra Blanca Dance Company has establish its own identity creating unique dances based on the culture, traditions and history from Mexico and our Latino Heritage here in Los Angeles. In 2002 Blanca Established Tierra Blanca Arts Center nonprofit organization that   provides after school cultural programs to children in Los Angeles.  With the view that in Los Angeles, Latin-American is one, Blanca create an annual event "Semblanza Latinoamericana" .

 Desde 1996 La Compañía de Danza Tierra Blanca ha establecido su propia identidad al crear danzas únicas basadas en la cultura, tradición e historia de México y de nuestra herencia latina en los Ángeles.  En el 2002 Blanca estableció Tierra Blanca Arts Center, una organización no lucrativa, que provee programas después de la escuela para los niños en Los Ángeles.  Con la visión de que Latinoamérica es una en Los Ángeles , Blanca creo el evento anual "Semblanza Latinoamericana".