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Tierra Blanca Arts Center

Centro de las Artes Tierra Blanca

Tierra Blanca Arts Center Tierra Blanca Arts Center is a 501 (c) 3 devoted to provide the opportunity for low-income youth and their families to become aware of the multicultural background of the Los Angeles area.


Mission: Dedicated in bringing awareness, sensitivity and history through the Arts: Dance, Music, and Theater. Instill a sense of pride, identity and unity to the community in the Greater Los Angeles area.


Our mission through the resilient leadership of Ms. Blanca A. Soto, its Founder and Executive Director, has been serving the community since 2002. TBAC, Founded under the firm conviction that the Arts and Culture Awareness have the power to break down the invisible barriers that often keep our multicultural community from truly living in harmony. TBAC contributes and enhances the development of multi-cultural community programs in Los Angeles area.

This 501 (c) 3 nonprofit has dedicated themselves to cultivating the cultural consciousness that exists in this hybrid city. Providing a safe haven for at risk-youth through after-school programs while simultaneously allowing individuals to grow in talent and knowledge are only but a few ways Tierra Blanca Art Center impacts Los Angeles population.

Tierra Blanca strives to promote the access to explore Latin American customs while synchronizing the art, the culture, and the folklore of these continents to create a more culturally aware community that embraces their differences.

Services: TBAC provides culturally sensitive programs and activities for low-income individuals of all ages and ethnicities.

We offer after-school and holiday programs that allow at-risk youth to better appreciate their heritage and to remain physically active during their leisure time. TBAC continually works to expand its services by supporting a variety of cultural events year-round.

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