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"Programs and activities 2020"

In 2020, Tierra Blanca Arts Center, despite all the challenges that this year brought due to the COVID 19, it continued with great community cultural programs and one at large extraordinary event that exemplifying the unique and great diversity that exist in Los Angeles.

“Foro de Arte y Cultura with Las Madre Hadas" (#LasMadreHadas) a Monday to Friday a Live Talk Show on Facebook and YouTube, with interviews on several themes: Health and life style, folk and tradition, art and culture and more, with the solid determination to bring quality of programing for the whole community to enjoy and to help with these programs to cope with this difficult times.

VIERNES DE TEATRO: (Friday is theater time) As part of the programing from Las Madre Hadas we read and presented more than 25 online plays in Spanish for the whole community to enjoy.

VIERNES DE TABU: (TABU ON FRIDAYS) In 2020 TBAC created a weekly LIVE STREAM PROGRAM to talk about different taboos, in order to open a better communication with information and great guests that helped us understand these taboos. We had 36 shows during 2020. It will be back in January 8th, 2021.

Semblanza 2020 is a folk, art, dance and music festival, with the purpose of opening the door for a better understanding among our communities for the world in Los Angeles CA. In Semblanza 2020 more than 20 countries participated with a 5 to 7 minutes video bringing the best of folklore and traditions for world to experience. This great festival took place on October 17th and 18th, reaching an audience of 45,000.

Acting Classes: Starting on the month of February 2020 we invited to the community to join our acting classes. In 2020 we started on a location but on April we all move to online classes. The goal of this class is to bring the tools for acting and help students to discover their own potential with this great discipline.

Danza Escénica Classes: In this 2020 we moved our classes to Online during the months of MARCH, APRIL, MAY AND JUNE. The goal of this Dance Class is to develop highly coordinated and expressive dancers. The importance of a solid grasp of the fundamentals, strong technique, creativity, and performance skills, as well as the enjoyment of the art of dance, is stressed at every level. Classes also include choreography, dance history, improvisation, and skills for performance are developed.

“Mexicanos a la Distancia Unidos por la Danza” (#MXDUD) Due to the COVID 19, most of the dance studios were affected and directors, students were a bit down, so we started this weekly live stream program that airs on Sundays at 6 pm, in order to connect Mexican Folk Dance Companies’ Directors from Mexico and the USA to share their expertise on this huge to talk about the love and experiences, learn from one another.

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