Tierra Blanca Arts Center

Blanca Araceli

Tierra Blanca Founder

Maestra Blanca Araceli Soto is a veteran and accomplished actress, choreographer, director, producer and dancer.

Tierra Blanca

Arts Center

Founded in 2002 Tierra Blanca Arts Center is the home of many cultures with one spirit.
We offer performing art classes, year-round multicultural programs and theater production


“Todas Somos Luz” Regresa la obra en formato Microteatro al teatro 🎭 Teatro Frida Kahlo Theater 
SOLO 3 Funciones con cupo limitado 

Semblanza through the year
Semblanza was founded in 2007, it is a festival that features folk dance, music and theater companies from all over the world that are located in Los Angeles area.